EN50264-2-1 600V S

CASRAIL EN50264-2-1 600V S



Type: single core cable
Core: flexible tin-plated copper
Insulation:  fire resistant elastomer as per EN 50264-2-1


Range width:  1.5 to 240 mm²
Options: Please consult us for any special requirements


Railways: power cables with special fire performance used in inboards safety circuits, lighting circuits, auxiliary circuits

General characteristics

Operating environment: good resistance to thermal shock
Weather conditions: good resistance to UV
Chemical behaviors: very good resistance to aggressive chemical environments
Humidity: excellent resistance to humidity
Mechanical behavior: excellent cut-through resistance and excellent abrasion resistance

Thermal characteristics

Continuous operating temperature: -40°C to +90°C

Electrical characteristics

Operating Voltage: 0.6/1kV
Test voltage: 3.5kV A.C.

Approvals – Standards

Flame retardant: BS6853:1999, DIN5510-2:2009
Halogen free: IEC 60754-1 / EN 60754-1
Low toxicity: IEC 60754-2 / EN 60754-2, BS6853:1999
Low smoke: IEC 61034-2 / EN 61034-2, BS6853:1999


Technical data sheet