Quality Assurance


A cable’s quality is only as robust as the rigorous testing it undergoes before its deployment. At CASMO CABLE, we house a team of brilliant minds, continuously seeking intelligent solutions to multifaceted challenges faced by our high-temperature specialty cables. Be it enduring millions of cycles, extreme mechanical and chemical loads, or navigating compact hybrid solutions, we rise to meet each unique circumstance.
To guarantee flawless performance, our cables are subject to stringent testing at our state-of-the-art facilities. Here, we put our cables through a spectrum of trials, pushing them to their limits. We expose them to extreme physical stress, replicate their lifecycle in accelerated aging chambers, and test their resistance to high voltage and temperature fluctuations.
Lab room


Strip off the outer protective layer of cables

Bend Tester

Assess cable durability and reliability after bending tests

1000A Temperature Rise Tester

Test temperature rise of cables under current load

Peel Tester

Measure adhesion force between insulation and conductor of cables


Display cable details and test results

Melt Flow Index Tester


Assess cable material melt performance

High-temperature Chamber

Test cable material performance under high temperature conditions

Flame Tester

Test cable material flammability

Aging Tester

Simulate aging effects on cables during use

Constant Temperature and Humidity Tester

Simulate cable use in various environmental conditions

100kv High Voltage Tester

Test cable withstand voltage strength

Each piece of our testing equipment, from RoHS detectors to Tektronix oscilloscopes, contributes to our comprehensive examination of cable quality and durability. We ensure that our cables comply with both national and international standards, and our test results are meticulously documented and verified.
In essence, CASMO CABLE goes beyond producing cables – we craft resilience and reliability, ensuring that our products withstand the test of time and the most extreme conditions. Experience our commitment to quality, as we channel our expertise to power your extremities.
  • Hazardous Substances Compliance Testing
  • Cable Noise Profile Evaluation
  • Design and Manufacturing Plan Visualization
  • Dynamic Condition Endurance Testing
  • Cable Strength and Flexibility Testing
  • Cable Sheathing Quality Testing
  • Heat Flow Properties Testing
  • Microscopic Cable Structure Analysis
  • Flame and High-Temperature Resistance Testing
  • Long-term Durability Testing
  • Maximum Tensile Strength and Strain Capacity Testing
  • Environmental Condition Performance Testing
  • Cable Robustness Testing under Drastic Environmental Conditions
  • Extreme Heat Resistance Testing
  • High Voltage Resistance Testing
  • High Current and Temperature Rise Performance Testing ……

Quality Management System Approvals